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Account and Inventory Management System

Accounts and Inventory Management System with Multi Company accounting and Multi Godown Inventory facility, predominantly deals with latest order processing flow, brokerage and loyalty calculation.

Rapidly changing economic condition, rising customer expectations, new evolutions in the competitive and technological landscape, shareholder expectations on returns, top-line growth & transparency – these are some of the imperatives that the ERP industry is facing today. Therefore, accounts and inventory management systems have to be catering to these expectations by reorienting their people, process and technology.

Versicle Solutions' Account and Inventory Management System is a total solution for business that covers almost all aspects associated with accounting and stock activities for a business house. This management system supports multiple companies, multiple locations as well as multiple currencies.

Managing business is more than just managing accounts and inventories. In fact production, stock, sales excise etc. based standalone systems do not yield much comfort but their collective existence brings forth anytime better and faster solutions. User configurable invoicing, Bank reconciliation with Bank Interest and POS billing with Bar code printing are just the golden features anyone could bank upon while choosing the right AIMS for their business.

Major Benefits of Versicle Solutions’ Account and Inventory Management System at a glance:

  • Reliability and Integrity of Information
  • TDS and Service Tax Report Generation
  • Excise Reports both for Manufacturing and Trading
  • Bank Reconciliation with Bank Interest
  • POS Billing with Bar Code printing
  • Interest Calculation and Depreciation
  • Direct SMS or Email to parties
  • VAT reports accumulation
  • Complete transaction history management for lifetime
  • Stock balance and reorder management coupled with easy search options for inventory items.

Excise and Tax Management System

Excise Management System is designed for traders who deals in goods imposed with Excise Tax which is an indirect tax, meaning that the producer or seller who pays the tax to the government is expected to try to recover or shift the tax by raising the price paid by the buyer. This system allows to manage the sales and purchase of such goods. It enables business house to manage the manufacturer’s data and view the excise information on particular good. Automatically the invoices and challans are saved and printed. Various reports like Annexure A, Annexure B, RG 23D, etc. are implemented. This also automatically generates the XML file for the given date range which can be directly used to file the Excise Tax returns on the Government Portal for Excise Tax.

Excise and Tax Management System's advantages:

  • Complete Inventory, Accounting & Excise Records Management
  • Control on Stocks & Manual Mistake
  • Effective Purchase Management to reduce costing
  • Online Sales Tax/Vat /Excise Reporting
  • Order Management
  • Cross check of Purchase Rates, Discounts & Cost
  • Customers Satisfaction & Business Improvement
  • Integrated Accounting

HR Management System :

Versicle Solutions' Human Resource Management is an integral part of any business solution as it takes care of entire human resource of the company with the help of Information Technology. In a sense HRMS or HR Management System categorically justifies the existence of employee enrollment, segregating employee positions in a hard and fast manner, presenting reports consisting employee backgrounds, preparing payrolls against each employee where there could be millions of employees in a pre specified format – all these are the key features of this system.HRMS intakes all the raw data of an organization and moulds it into a strategic powerful management tool. It enables managers to better understand what exactly is happening in the workforce, given the fact that managers have less time to analyse events within the organization, react and take a quick but correct decision. It further helps in this aspect by giving graphical analysis of the data required which is again a vital point in terms of business growth for any organization.

Modules of HRMS or HR Management System:

Major Areas:

1. Employee Profile
2. Leave Management System
3. Payroll management
4. Loan History Management
5. Time Management
6. Employee 360 degree appraisal
7. Recruitment process Management
8. Medical, LTA reimbursement
9. Training management

Other Areas:

1. Reports on company, recruitment, leave attendance loan, appraisals, training etc.
2. HRD or Human Resource Development management

HRMS makes the process of analysing complex data easier for Managers. It eventually helps the entire organization to understand situations better and propose proper solutions tailor made for every medium to big crisis. This is the reason why Versicle Solutions came up with extra facilities within the system such as preparing reports on the following things

  • analyzing personnel usage within an organization;
  • identifying potential applicants;
  • recruiting through company-facing listings and recruiting through online recruiting sites or publications that market to both recruiters and applicants.

This is not the end. Another important aspect of HRMS is Employee Self Service Module incorporated by Versicle Solutions in its HR Management System which helps employee to take proactive measure against their careers by checking available graphical information present in the system. Employee gets registered and able to view all the necessary details required in order to self assess their position with respect to their team members.

ERP Solution:

Highly customizable ERP System : Enterprise Resource Planning software built on SQL Server 2008 with Visual Basic as language, can bring an extra edge in terms of time management within an organization.

Enterprise Resource Planning software is a centralized hub / framework to host all data and process running simultaneously in an organization. Versicle Solutions' ERP system is accounted for a vast pool of data handling, establishing contacts among various set of frameworks, communicating effective results, reports based on data available in the system prior to calculating or generating the reports.

Versicle Solutions has come up with highly customizable ERP system to ensure it meets different set of objectives and yet present an amicable straight forward result against every single question asked from the system. Team of professionals has built this system keeping in mind the demand of competitive edge of every software in this fast world of twenty first century.Vast expeience of solving critical business logics along with 24/7 customer support made this market – leading Enterprise Resource Planning software the most pre eminent and obvious choice for small and medium sized business houses.

ERP software typically consists of multiple enterprise software modules that are individually purchased, based on what best meets the specific needs and technical capabilities of the organization. Each ERP module is focused on one area of business processes, such as product development or marketing. Some of the more common ERP modules include those for product planning, material purchasing, inventory control, distribution, accounting, marketing, finance and HR. There are a no. Of modules incorporated in Versicle Solutions' ERP system such as

  • Procurement Module
  • Sales Module
  • Materials Module
  • Sales Module
  • Manufacturing Module
  • Stock Module
  • Finance Module

Today's competitive world demands extra edge on the battlefield. This in return encourage business firms to take help of software's like highly customizable ERP system. In future it would not be any extravagant affair to use different modules present at one place like ERP software's which make your life easy and much more manageable than earlier days. So be it a large business house or a medium sized company or even a small business hub, all go for respective ERP system such as Large Enterprise ERP (Tier – 1) , Mid market ERP (Tier – 2), Small Business ERP ( Tier – 3). ERP software could be extended by incorporating modules such as Business Intelligence in near future. This proclaim the dominance of this centralized planning and materializing software as stated in


Journal User Management

User experience design process as implemented in Versicle Solutions' Journal User software has come a long way to make the user interface usability easier and effective to terms specified in Institute of Cost Accountants in India.

A large institute or organization requires its basic process of maintaining cost effectiveness throughout all branches of operation crystal clear and time savy in terms of collecting important data. Managing information and storing correct information in reliable formats is a growing challenge for people all over the world. A small yet effective measure has been taken into serious consideration by the people of Versicle Solutions when it came with the idea to build a Journal User Software for the betterment of internal magazine subscribing process. Eventually user interface usability came into existence during the planning phase which gave impetus to the employee of large institutions like Institute of Cost Accountants of India to make proper usage of their day to day acknowledgements related to Journal subscription activities.

Versicle Solutions' engaging and fast forward thinking brought out the world wide accepted user experience design process which is a critical part for this Journal User Software.It considers, depicts and understand the value of right calculation and bookkeeping technique which engross more into critical aspects of day to day basis activities. In return the data and the information flow could be managed by safe hands and without much trouble. Subscription with payment and without payment could be well controlled and maintained by this software and a series of vital information stand still in front of wide spectrum of visitors and internal authority of any organization. Newsletter sending, alert delivery, journal processing etc. Could create humongous task if persued manually but with the help of Versicle Solutions' Journal User Software user interface usability touched a new horizon of modern and effective thinking.

Orange Tree

A Complete Accounts and Inventory System Orange Tree , a product of Versicle Solutions helping you to manage the core operations related to accounts and inventory of a small/ medium sized organization in a 24 hours a day/7 days a week manner.

Highly customizable Orange Tree Accounts and Inventory Management System is a 360 degree view of what a flexible, modern ERP system could be offered to employees present in small/ medium organizations. This accounts and inventory management system centralizes the data gathered from every part of an organization and is accessible to each and every employee pertaing to the organization. Periodic inventory management system as it is defined as the system taking good care of merchandise inventory and costs of good sold though not in a continuous manner but with the help of Purchases recorded in Purchases account and each sales transaction is updated via single journal entry. As a result of it, the costs of goods are registered and shown at the end of each accounting period via a closing entry.

This Business Accounting Software supports unlimited user creation which is basically inclined tyo manage all accounting related activities through a Single accounting software.This multi tasking software supports All types of transactions like sale, purchase, sale return, purchase return, challans, delivery notes, receipt, payment, journal, contra, credit note, debit note and fully configurable printing of all vouchers and invoices. The software performs automatic year end closing and transfer all ledger balances to next financial year.

Salient Features :

More easy and User friendly
More Flexible
Invoice/Bill Printing
Purchase orders & Quotations
Fast and Powerful
Complete Inventory Management
Document designing and printing