Application Software :
1. Education Management System
2. ERP Solution
3. Production Management System                       (Designed specifically for Foundry)
4. HR & Payroll Management System
5. Bar & Restaurant Management System
6. Customized Software Production
Web Designing & Development :
1. Web Applications
2. Web Design
3. Website Development
4. Graphic Design
Industrial Training :
1. ERP Training
2. Professional Training & Development
3. Software Testing

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Services What we do!

Application Software :

Education Management     System

Online Payment gateway     system implementation

ERP Solution

Production Management     System

HR & Payroll Management     System

Customized Software     Production

Web Designing & Development :

Web Applications

Web Design

Integrated Dynamic Web     Site Development &     MaintenanceOUR

Graphic Design

Industrial Training :

ERP Training

Professional Training &     Development

Software Testing

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About Us

Versicle Solutions’ 360 degree approach to deliver comprehensive technology solution in Software and Web Application Development , Website design and development and Graphic Designing stands true both to its core value and steady application implementation. 8 years of productive yet joyful journey gave Versicle strong grasp and direction to work equally with small to medium sized companies.

Professional and timely services coupled with expert knowledge in platforms such as .NET, Java and SAP aggravated confidence and reliability in terms of Value Added Custom Software Products creation. Versicle Solutions’ Software support services and solutions exhibits and maintains worldwide accepted quality standard.It also strives to meet congruence in all stages of product development and project actualization. Team of graphic designers and web developers do their part in creating brand value along with small scale graphic designs. Logo, Banner, Corporate Identity creation in one hand and Illustrative ideas incorporation in other hand both to serve interdependent purpose of web and graphic presentation has proven to be distinct and user friendly.

Training wing of Versicle Solutions encompasses Professional Software Training on J2EE in line with high industry standard and Summer Training Projects on .NET, SAP and JAVA. Effective infrastructure,efficient course handling , organized management are the backbones of Education Corner’s healthy and conducive atmosphere.

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